About Kasia

Hi. My name is Kasia. Welcome to my kitchen. I cook. I bake. I plan meals. I organize things. Occasionally I craft and DIY it up. I ramble at times. I talk about the details of my life, maybe a little more than you want me to, or possibly just the right amount. Either way, it's there. I do it. I can't stop. I collect aprons, owls, cookbooks, days of the week notepads, and recipe cards. I have a lot of freckles. I smile often. I fall quite a bit. I'm head over heals in love with Autumn and all the wonders the season beholds. I tend to mildly obsess over fictional characters, particularly ones found in book series. I love my family. I have the best friend group in the entire world. I love Jesus a whole lot and we're doing this life thing together. Sometimes I try to do it myself, but it never works out and He always reminds me that I can't do it alone. I'm a Weight Watchers member for over a year. Most of my recipes are healthy, but every once in a while splurges are totally welcomed (and always indicated). Welcome to my life and journey. Pull up a chair and stay for a while. 

When I'm not cooking, baking, planning meals, or dreaming about having a bakery that serves lunch, does catering, and sales jarred things (jams, jellies and pickles, not weird things like body parts), I work as a Resident Director and Residence Life Assistant at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. You'll hear me talk about my RAs (Resident Assistants) often. They are the six college girls I supervise in the residence hall I'm responsible for and that we all live in. I feed them my projects. They don't mind. I have a Bachelor's in Social Work from Mississippi College and 3/4ths of a Master of Arts in Christian Education for Women's Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I am passionate about ministry with women young and old and doing real life together with all the messiness it holds. I have the privilege to serve on a non-profit ministry team for women called Total Woman U. I also like writing. One day I hope to be brave enough and have the resources to write a book that mixes my two passions: cooking and transparency about real life and it's struggles. 

Once upon a time, I wrote a silly Seuss-like poem about myself...

There once was a girl who had a rather tragic beginning.
She was meant to be born when the leaves do their spinning.
Instead she was born on the very wrong day.
She was born in the very muggy month of May.

And some people think she was born in the wrong region,
For Asian she is not, and not Polish, nor Norwegian.
But her name is rather odd and rhymes with Asia.
And this is not where she's from, this silly girl named Kasia. 

She laughs like an old lady, emphysema-like and wheezy.
And the wiggling of toes makes her very uneasy.
A collector of odd things, like owls and super sticky post-its.
She organizes other people's refrigerators and cabinets. 

She likes to smile, but it usually make her cheeks hot.
The love of her friends, make her smile quite a lot.
A dreamer, procrastinator, silly, quirky, child of God, and friend,
The life she has been given, is not tragic at all, beginning, middle, or end. 

Want more glimpses into my life and journey? Occasionally I have some blogging moments where I allow myself to be transparent and real, opening my heart and allowing others in a tiny bit. Feel free to read along and get to know me a little better. 

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Elizabeth Griffin said...

I LOVE your poem. What a fun idea.

Kasia Lindsay said...

Thanks Elizabeth! It's ridiculously silly, but kinda fun. Also, I love your blog!

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