Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2

Some notes about today. Don't eat spinach artichoke dip. It's not worth the points. If you have a dinner date (or belated birthday dinner date with your cousin) check online menu's before hand! I went to to find points values for food at the restaurant I was going to (Applebee's) to find out exactly what I was going to order before I got there! Simple preparation can help you make healthier decisions instead of choosing what looks good on a whim. AND Bop's has fat free frozen yogurt! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Test Run

So this is what it would look like! For breakfast I had a Weight Watcher's creamy chocolate shake (2 points) with 1 cup of fat free milk (2 points) and frozen strawberries as ice cubes blended. For lunch I had a lunch date with my brother at Margarita's Mexican Restaurant. I had 24 tortilla chips (yes I counted and broke the big ones in half and counted each half!) for 8 points and salsa for 0. I had a chicken fajita taco salad with no shell, extra lettuce, no cheese sauce, no sour cream, salsa and guacamole on the side (which I just had one bite of) and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese. I count the meat as 5 ounces and add an extra point for any oil they may have used. So 6 points for chicken, 3 for cheese, 1 for the bite of gauc, 10 for the whole salad since lettuce, salsa, and peppers and onions are free. I did the eliptical for 30 minutes and earned 9 activity points (did it for 55 minutes yesterday!). I had a post work out snack of a Special K Honey Nut bar (2 points). I rewarded myself with 3 mini chocolate eggs (1 point total). And then... I went to community group! Wednesday nights will likely always be "bad" as food is provided and not in my control! I guess I could eat at home, but I can be smart! I had 2 pieces of Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza (smallish pieces, I counted as 6 points each), 2 pieces of garlic bread (counted 4 points each). And... I splurged and had a cookie (4 points) and brownie (6 points)! I only allowed it because I'd worked out pretty hard core for 2 days! So to wrap it up I used all of my 41 daily points and 14 activity points! Not the best day, but not horrible either. I will admit, taking pictures made me so much more aware and helped me not have that 2nd cookie! I probably won't be this wordy every time. Or maybe I will... Who knows :). I would like your feedback on if you hate/love/are indifferent/find it annoying about this. It's really easy to do now that I have the fancy iPhone!

And while I'm feeling chatty, I'd like to share a story. So today when the brother and I went to Margarita's for our lunch date, I order the same thing I always do. I've ordered it this way at least 15 times. I just ordered it to go last week! And I had a horrible turned into great experience today. I know it's complicated and I know the waiters and the cooks can't like it, but I'm on this journey for the long haul! This is a lifestyle change and I'm done being ashamed! I will not be scared to ask for my food a certain way or appear to be a high maintenance or picky eater! So every time, I say the same thing: "Chicken fajita taco salad (comes with fajita onions and peppers), no shell, extra lettuce, guacamole, cheese sauce, and sour cream on the side." They glop it on there! It's so much and I like little bites of the sour cream and guacamole but in my control. I KNOW it's high maintenance, and I was embarrassed the first few times. But, it's my life and my health! Well today, I confidently say what I want and the waiter looks at me in disgust (evident disgust!). He tells me they can't do it like that, it's too much work. I tell him I've ordered it that way every time I go there. He literally shakes his head at me as I've I'm ridiculous. I told him I'd order something else. And then... I had an emotional break down! My brother arrived at about this time and I just lost it and sobbed in the restaurant! This guy made me feel so ashamed! My brother went into big brother mode and wanted to say something, which of course I wouldn't let him. But he did ask for another waiter. The second waiter was so, so nice and helpful (and I got my salad how I asked for it). We gave him a $10 tip and I wrote him a thank you note. He asked us to sign it and they hung it on the hostess podium! They also gave us our food half priced. So... bad experience that ended good. BUT GAH! Can you believe that guy?! If you are out there and anywhere on a weight loss or health journey, don't be afraid! Stand up for yourself and be in control. Don't let stupid waiters or anyone in your life push you into a corner that makes you feel ashamed. Stay focused and encouraged! We can do this.

Food Diary

Hello lovely followers. So I have a question for you. I know this is my blog and I don't have to ask permission to do things, but I'd really like your opinion on something. A friend told me of an idea to do a daily food diary as a part of her weight loss journey. She uses it as a way to keep herself accountable to making better choices and owning the bad choices she makes. Would this bug you? Interest you? Annoy you? Motivate you? I love Biggest Loser. It's a huge motivation for me. I sob like a baby every time I watch it. This past week I was extra sobby! But something Olivia (I think, could have been Hannah) said really stuck with me! She talked about how ashamed she has been for so long before she started her journey. Too ashamed to even ask for help. And she challenged anyone in a similar place or situation to not be afraid to ask for help. I've not been secretive about this journey, but if doing something for me that helps me and could motivate others and help them, I'm all for it! Give me your thoughts!

A Little Glimpse Into My Life

As you know, on January 3rd I started my new job (aka THE BEST JOB EVER) as a Resident Director at Mississippi College. I had the amazing privilege of getting to serve this semester along side some wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, motivating and inspiring Resident Assistants. We became friends, and yes, I was their boss, but far more than that, we became a family. Their smiling faces and contagious laughs are gone for the summer. The brick lined walls of Latimer-Webb are far too quiet now and my door misses those knocks. To end the semester and appreciate their work, we had an End of the Year Banquet. Each RD got to say a few things about their RAs. In honor of them, I'll share with you what I shared with them. 

I learned a lot. I grew as an RD from training to every experience I encountered. But those six beautiful girls taught me a lot too. 

I've learned how to spot a diamond from a mile away, where all the worlds largest diamonds are located and way more about presidents than I ever thought I'd know thanks to Leah Frances. But she also taught me what it looks like to expect the best from people and not settle for less than that. I learned that being a ninja is is not an easy job and only people as cool as Kristen can do it (she actually is a ninja and could kill us all with one karate move!). But I also learned from her how to see the beauty in everyone and that each person, no matter how different, is worthy of our efforts. Thanks to Amanda I now know that the sky turns green before tornadoes and I've also never had to watch the weather since we had our very own Lat-Webb weather girl. But I also learned how to see the bright and positive side of every situation. I learned that any word can be abbreviated like totes for totally and awk for awkward and that wearing hippy headbands is totes cool thanks to Mary Kathryn and EB. But from Mary Kathryn I also learned to find God in everything and rely on his Word more. And EB by example has shown me that it's okay to say what you think and feel. I also learned that perfection really is possible, from Katie, who is always on time, always volunteers, and always does her best. But I also learned from her to do things with excellence to reflect the abilities and talents God has given you.

From being a family with these girls I've learned that it's possible to loose at least five pounds from laughing. I've learned how to be the church outside the church and with each other. We learned to love God and His Word more. I learned how to see the world and life with fresh hope. We learned how to do the best and be the best at the places God has you and positions he blesses you with. And I learned how to be a family, love, and trust a group of girls who truly are like sisters to one another and little sisters to me. 

I can't imagine a better RA staff to have the joy and privilege of serving as my first time as an RD! My expectations will forever be high because of the bar you've set. I miss you all!