Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Food Diary

Hello lovely followers. So I have a question for you. I know this is my blog and I don't have to ask permission to do things, but I'd really like your opinion on something. A friend told me of an idea to do a daily food diary as a part of her weight loss journey. She uses it as a way to keep herself accountable to making better choices and owning the bad choices she makes. Would this bug you? Interest you? Annoy you? Motivate you? I love Biggest Loser. It's a huge motivation for me. I sob like a baby every time I watch it. This past week I was extra sobby! But something Olivia (I think, could have been Hannah) said really stuck with me! She talked about how ashamed she has been for so long before she started her journey. Too ashamed to even ask for help. And she challenged anyone in a similar place or situation to not be afraid to ask for help. I've not been secretive about this journey, but if doing something for me that helps me and could motivate others and help them, I'm all for it! Give me your thoughts!

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A Day in the Life of the Lances said...

Great Job Kasia! I'm so proud of you for staying committed and working so hard! Love you and enjoy reading about this journey!