Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poetic Tuesday

A Self Portrait

There once was a girl who had a rather tragic beginning.
She was meant to be born when the leaves do their spinning.
Instead she was born on the very wrong day.
She was born in the very muggy month of May.

And some people think she was born in the wrong region,
For Asian she is not, and not Polish, nor Norwegian.
But her name is rather odd and rhymes with Asia.
And this is not where she's from, this silly girl named Kasia.

She laughs like an old lady, emphysema-like and wheezy.
And the wiggling of toes makes her very uneasy.
A collector of odd things, like owls and super sticky post-its.
She organizes other people's refrigerators and cabinets.

She likes to smile, but it usually make her cheeks hot.
The love of her friends, make her smile quite a lot.
A dreamer, procrastinator, silly, quirky, child of God, and friend,
The life she has been given, is not tragic at all, beginning, middle, or end.

Ha. Poetic Tuesday might not last long. Fun to try though.


Unknown said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I now have one. However I am not as clever as you but I'm going to give it a shot. Love you!

Christie said...

Love this and miss you lots.

Aunt Sandy said...

love it! you're pretty good at this...you should do it more often, and feel free to organize my cabinet or refrigerator any time ha :)