Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meal Planning 101: Week 34

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crockpot polish dill pickle soup (sounds, gross, but it's delicious, sort of used this recipe but change a few things)




church meal, bringing strawberry trifle


grilled tilapia packets, grilled corn and grilled potatoes


tapas at Babalu for a friend's birthday


leftover grilled things


bacon avocado grilled corn Salad and BLTFEs (a BLT + fried egg - aw it at Brent's Diner, had to copy)

Lunch Ideas: 

hummus + broccoli + ham + reduce fat cheddar + crostinis + grapes 

avocado chicken salad sandwich + broccoli and cauliflower + fat free  ranch dip + peach

avocado chicken salad + crostinis + broccoli + fat free italian dressing + peach

What are you eating this week? Post your weekly meal plan in the comment section below! You can also link your meal plan up over at Organizing Junkie and see even more people who are meal planning. 

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Jenny Colvin said...

Dill pickle soup nooooo I can't imagine it! I actually made a meal plan this week that I stuck to until today when I don't feel like what I have left. I hate that!